Outdoor Classroom

I once enjoyed the use of an outdoor classroom for Natural History (aka Science).  A path along the woods led to a clearing where a number of seats were arranged--yes, just the weathered stumps of some old trees with a diameter of 24" or more.  Nearby there was a statue of St. Francis and a bird feeder which drew titmice, nuthatches, finches, jays and chickadees (and squirrels, sigh).  The braver birds would come even when the students were gathered.  The students had to come on their own for observations, but I wish we had done more silent observation as a class.  This place was great; even if the birds didn't come, you could listen for their different calls.  Anybody could set this up who had a little copse nearby or even just a quiet outdoor space that could be made to feel separate with a hedge or fence. It just needs to feel slightly enclosed so the birds are brave enough to come and the students less easily distracted by passing cars, foot traffic, etc.

Over the summer we did not fill the bird-feeder.  Look how the woods attempted to take over!



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