French Camp

A friend of mine once ran a week long morning "French Camp" for the young girls in her area.  They learned new vocabulary every day and ate steak frites and cherry clafoutis.  They learned, memorized, sang, and performed french songs--with accents so good I was envious.  They asked me to come over and teach them how to embroider Sacred Heart Badges and tell them about the Vendee.  What a great idea! And how about an Italian Camp or Latin/Roman/Greek camp?  Or a Spanish camp?  It is so much fun for the children attending, and a very easy way to tell wonderful stories, try new dishes, teach a little history and language.  At a young age, learning vocabulary and the proper accent are so much easier--take advantage! The more they take pleasure in French or Latin, etc., the more likely they are to attempt these languages in depth.  That will serve them and others in countless ways.



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