May Watts teaches Tree Identification with Socratic Questions!

Planning some outdoor classes for this spring, maybe next fall? I cannot recommend too highly this series of books by May Watts.  The Tree Finder comes in a handy size, about 3"x5" with good pen and ink illustrations, and a series of careful questions to help you identify what you are looking at.  To read this book is to gain an education in noticing.  Watts asks:  Does this tree have alternate branching or opposite?  If alternate, turn to page . . . Does this tree have simple or compound leaves?  If simple, turn to page . . .  Are the leaves smooth or toothed? . . .  It is like a Socratic Choose-Your-Own-Adventure in botany. She asks the right questions and teaches you to ask the right questions.  These books are a pleasure to use.  Try also the Desert Tree Finder, the Flower Finder, and the Winter Tree Finder.

The Nature Study Guild also has others like the Winter Weed Finder and the Track Finder.



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