The Catholic Cave

The Catholic Cave is a fantastic radio conversation airing on Catholic Radio Indy every Saturday and Sunday at 11 AM (EST). Join Marc Tuttle and Timothy O'Donnell, with their host, Kent Blandford, discussing all things philosophy, including culture, education, beauty, bioethics, faith and science, and all in a way which is both thought-provoking, entertaining, and refreshing. I was reminded of how John Senior and friends used to teach by having a conversation. The conversation of friends, so praised by thinkers from Plato to John Paul II, and so needed in the virtuous life, needs to be modeled. Tuttle and O'Donnell do that well. They also do a great job of going deep without being pedantic or too heavy for a weekend morning.  Think "Car Talk" meets philosophy!

A good way to wrap your mind around the mission of the show is to listen to their episode "Cave 101: Back to Basics." Listen live to Catholic Radio Indy by clicking here. Or enjoy podcasts from past episodes of The Catholic Cave by clicking here.

Tuttle and O'Donnell also bring in guests sometimes such as Dr. James Eberl, Dr. Kevin Vost, Dr. David Deavel, James Kalb, and many others. I had the pleasure of doing a show with these guys on The Catholic Cave. The show airs this weekend (November 26-27) and will be available later as a podcast. We discussed parishes, education, learning through experience, Hilaire Belloc, being a Millenial, and a lot more.



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