If a garden is out of the question, this summer might be the summer for an easier (ha ha!) project: the ultimate treehouse. Now is the time to look at some great photographs below, courtesy of Flikr group "Treehouses of the World."  I used to think you needed to have the right kind of tree to have a treehouse, but look below for some surprising new ideas.  Here are plans and ideas at The Treehouse Guide, and Popular Mechanics had some good pictures of "Ten Awe-Inspiring Treehouse Designs."  Mother Earth News has an article on building treehouses here.  Maybe the most interesting is Treehouse Guy at Treehouse Chronicles who tells of his quest to build an "enormous timberframe treehouse."  Wow!

Staying with friends this winter, I saw their neighbours had constructed two Tolkien-like "flets" (the elvish tree platforms of Lord of the Rings) which featured a zipline. Very cool!

Now here is one amazing treehouse.  This photo was taken on January 10, 2010 using a Konica Minolta DiMAGE E323. Los Angeles, California, USA. Its description at Flikr reads thus: "Built in Los Angeles as a young girls' hideaway, this inspired treehouse, a daydreamer's paradise, is nestled within two blue-gum eucalyptus trees. Its curves, structural elements, and detailed finishes - both inside and out - provide a harmonious retreat, along with views stretching 180 degrees from downtown Los Angeles to the Catalina Islands in the Pacific Ocean.  The photo was posted by Juho William Tauriainen.  Happy planning.



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