Photography Bee

I was thinking that, as soon as I get a chance, I'd like to organize an ongoing photography contest in the community where I dwell, with a winner every week or every month.  I'd gather submissions for a month.  Then I'd post the submissions in some prominant place--a foyer, or wherever people stand outside the dining room, etc.  And then I'd award a simple prize or privilege at the end.  Hopefully, after the first month, there would always be new photographs up with last month's photograph in prominent display.  The best part would be to choose clever themes, like the theme Trinity School at River Ridge, Eagan, MN chose in 2008:  submit a photograph which best interprets the following word:  "Fresh."

Possible themes:  Still, Symmetry, Light, Perpendicular, Rough, Young, Tradition, Swift, Red, Waiting, Awe, Green, Work, Ties, Simple, Solemn . . .



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