Optical Illusions

Keith Kay's The Little Giant Book of Optical Illusions, available here, is a book I wish I'd discovered a few years ago.  When I was teaching Descartes' Meditations I looked around for a few optical illusions, the better to illustrate how our senses work, and how we can tell if we are perceiving reality.  In science, I also let students do projects on optical illusions and took them through some examples to sharpen their sense of perception and get us talking about the senses.  But the optical illusions I found to use were not that good and took awhile to find them--even via the modern miracle of the Internet.   

Now, look no further!  Here is a very inexpensive book with over 300 different kinds of optical illusions, demonstrating closure, perspective, etc.  Some are inspired by famous paintings.  This book also includes a section of answers which explain each illusion.  The entire book is black and white and comes in a marvelous chunky 5.25"x4"x1"  size.  I'd almost get this as a textbook for art or science.



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