The Off Button

At left Bishop Timothy Doherty of the Lafayette-in-Indiana diocese receives his crosier from Bishop Buechlein.  Bishop Timothy Doherty's column for the weekend of January 22-23 meditates on human life, noise, and "the one thing needful." 

He begins: Last week we briefly turned off the electricity at the chancery for maintenance reasons. The quiet was profound. We lost the hum of overhead lights, the purr of the water cooler, whirring of computers, roar of the boiler, whooshing of vents, the copiers’ quartets, the thrum of a space heater, the rumor of refrigerators, and the whisper of other small appliances.

The omnipresent background noise is a metaphor for American life. Commercial and cultural noises camouflage the dignity and preciousness of human life. The deliberate destruction of unborn human life so often hides behind the noise of materialism and sexual carelessness.

Reminds me of this great Josef Pieper essay "Learning How to See Again" from Only the Lover Sings: Art and Contemplation, which you can purchase here.  Sometimes the best way we can build Christian Culture and the Culture of Life is by pressing the off button.  And getting off the Internet!  Bye!



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