Tree Limb Blocks

A friend of mine showed me how to make these beautiful blocks from a tree limb.  They are beautiful to hold and fun to play with.  You can make little structures or platforms with them or fit them together like a puzzle.  These blocks constitute a good way to use a tree if a beloved one is lost during a storm.

Directions:  obtain a good dry tree limb of any size.  Try not to use green wood.  Leave the bark on.  Then saw the limb into different sized pieces, however you like.  A circular saw may be necessary.  Sand the pieces slightly.  Then rub a sealing mixture of olive oil and beeswax (recipe below) thickly into the wood pieces, on every surface.  You should put on enough of the sealing mixture so that the wood's surface is quite wet.  Let that soak in a few hours (or less), rub it in a little, and buff the pieces with a rag.  The end.

These blocks are perfectly safe to play with, and the sealing mixture is actually good for your hands.

Sealing Mixture:  One part beeswax to three parts olive oil.  Combine ingredients in a heat proof jar.  Place jar in a pan of water, turn on the heat, and stir until wax is melted and fully combined with the olive oil. 



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