The Sewing Kit

A good, maybe even inexpensive gift for a girl, based on #24 of 50 Things to do for Girl Formation is a sewing kit.  Start a girl out with this and she'll have the tools to master one of the most useful of skills.  I got my first around age 8 and it is still handy and serviceable.  (There is a nice division of labor implied here:  the boy can shine his sister's shoes and she replace the buttons. See Boot & Shoe Kit.) It doesn't need a lot--just a roomy box / basket perhaps with handle and a lid that can latch.  It could also be a roll of sturdy fabric with pockets put into it that can be tied or secured with elastic.

And in it, the following essentials: 
  • Scissors or seam ripper
  • Something to hold buttons and maybe some buttons
  • Pins and needles and maybe a pin-cushion
  • A few basic colored threads.  You could even choose them by some of the colors the young lady in question tends to wear.
  • Optional:  tape measure, thimbles, embroidery hoop, safety pins.



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