Walks and Leisure

Overwhelmed these last few months by the amount of work I felt I had to do, I decided to consider serious ways to carve out time for leisure.  Here were my resolutions.

One month ago, I began walking to work.  At the end of a month, I find I sleep better and notice more--the kind of things I used to notice as catalogued in What's Around Me.

Last week, I set timers so that I would end work at a certain time, and then upon going home was allowed to work only forty more minutes.  At the end of one week, I found the important work had been accomplished.  In fact, the unimportant work had also been accomplished.  I was still returning tests and quizzes in less than a week.  I had even found one free evening to total all my grades.  And in the meantime, I wrote a paper, gathered music for Christ the King, attended a conference, got my house ready for guests, cleaned, listened to a novel, and got enough sleep.

So there you have it.  Leisure is indispensable.  Try it.



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