Spiritual Diary II

The original Spiritual Diary post appeared here, and you can read more there about reasons to keep one and how to do it.  I'm writing about it again because I just discovered a new use--as an invaluable record-keeper.

The other day I was praying and using the Spiritual Diary.  I was fretting about a general lack of organization which kept resulting in failed resolutions and missed times of prayer.  Idly turning the pages of the diary, I noticed that I'd begun this particular book on 24 September 2008.  This diary is divided in three sections with different colored paper so it is easy to see how much time has passed between beginning the book and reaching the 1/3 mark and the 2/3 mark.  I realized I could easily see if I was praying more or less in November of 2010 than I had been in November of 2008.

I went through every page and found that I was frequenting the sacraments just as often and just as regularly.  But I found that it had taken me 6 months to use up the first 1/3 of my diary, 10 months to use up the second 1/3, and at the rate I was going, 12 months to finish the diary.  That is, in November 2010 the time I invested in regular disciplined prayer was only 50% of what it was in Fall 2008.  I had no idea that I had changed my habits so much.  I had noticed the spiritual fruit that comes with cutting your prayer in half, but couldn't figure out the source.  The spiritual diary had it all there in black and white records.

The upshot?  My new daily resolution (duly noted in the diary) is to schedule the time of prayer. In addition, I've set a recurring alarm to go off on my cell phone to remind me to leave work and go pray.

Just another reason to keep the spiritual diary.



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