For the sick days: four cures

This is not practical at all, except for all you people out there who maybe have a cold and can't stop teaching or mothering or saying Mass, etc., etc.

Four great cures:
1.  Gargle 1 T. apple cider vinegar, once or twice a day.  Swallow.  Feels great and supposedly kills germs in the throat.

2.  Juice orange or grapefruit, one daily, and drink.  Avoid sweets.

3.  Eat one boiled egg for breakfast.

4.  Lemon-honey-mint tea-to-go.  In one Ball canning jar, place one mint tea bag, a large dollop of honey, and two frozen ice-cubes of lemon juice.  Or a 1/4 c. of lemon juice.  This can be carried around.  When you are ready for tea, fill with very hot water, screw lid tightly, handle with a paper towel or oven mitt, and SHAKE. This will emulsify the honey with the beverage.  Honey at the bottom, lemon at the top makes for a healthy but disgusting beverage.  Mixed, with the kick of mint, provides something truly comforting.  This drink I developed by accident and because I wanted to keep walking to work but also have some lemon-honey-mint tea when I got there.  This cured a horrible cold in 8 days and I never missed an hour of work.



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