Debating Historical Moments

I am running three debates in the next week for my students who recently finished studying the "Glorious" Revolution.  I let them read James II's Declaration of Indulgence and sang them six Jacobite songs (Cam Ye O'er Frae France, Prince Charlie Stuart, Wae's Me For Prince Charlie, Bonny Moorhen, Will Ye No Come Back Again?, and the Skye Boat Song), so they got the Jacobite view as well.  The following site helped me prepare how to run the debates.  Part of the goal is to give time for the students to think seriously and carefully about arguments on the losing side.

These will be the resolutions:

1. The Act of Union (1707) will benefit Scotland.

2. The Act of Exclusion (1679) is justifiable.

3. The Act of Succession (1701) is justifiable.

Students will prepare to argue for or against the resolution, and then debate in the following day.



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