Teaching from the CCC

I recently decided to stop typing up lecture notes for Catholic Doctrine and teach straight out of the Catechism.  It has all the explanations, contains footnotes and references to other church documents and other pertinent passages in the Catechism, and . . . is already outlined.  Why would I switch from lecture notes to Catechism to chart to Bible, when I can simply highlight and write in the margins of the Catechism? 

  • Now I read the entire section and pencil in the margin a little map of what I want to cover.  
  • I also note directions about when to refer to a chart, reading, Scripture passage, etc. or to pass around an appropriate handout. 
  • Finally, I have the students follow along in their Catechism.  I ask them questions and they answer from the Catechism; their correct answers become the notes I put on the board.  This gives the added benefit to the students of constant physical contact with the interior of the Catechism.  They have to see the page, read the section, answer a question, and then write down what they have said as I write it on the board.  Seeing something on a page adds one more layer to the memory of what the CCC says.
The lecture notes set one more thing in front of me.  And typing them added hours of work.  My only fear is if I lose my Catechism, then what?  What do you think?



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