Newman on History

In honor of the beatification of Cardinal Newman, enjoy these historical essays available from the full database of his works

Try "The Benedictine Schools" or jump straight to the collected sketches:
Volume 1
1.  Lectures on the History of the Turks, in their relation to Europe
2.  Personal and Literary Character of Cicero (From the Encyclopædia Metropolitana of 1824.)
3.  The Apollonius of Tyana(From the Encyclopædia Metropolitana of 1826.)
4.  Primitive Christianity (From the British Magazine, 1833-1836.)

Volume 2
1.  The Church of the Fathers
2.  St. Chrysostom
3.  Trials of Theodoret
4.  The Mission of St. Benedict (From The Atlantis of January, 1858.)
5.  The Benedictine Schools (From The Atlantis of January, 1859.)

1.  The Rise and Progress of Universities
2.  Northmen and Normans in England and Ireland
3.  Medieval Oxford
4.  Convocation of Canterbury



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