William and the Magic Ring

The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston shop at Fanueil Hall introduced me to Laura Robinson's enchanting William and the Magic Ring:  A Shadow-Casting Bedtime Story.  It comes with a small penlight to illuminate the sturdy but beautiful chipboard cutout illustrations.  It is a good story and the shadows cast make telling this story an amazing experience.

I think the story ends on a note too tame, so I usually add, "It was all a dream."  Then I switch off the penlight and say, "Or was it?"

Robinson's illustrations are magnificent, but I bet you could invent some of your own illustrations and tell other stories in the dark.  This is a great book; buy it and think about the possibilities.

I have to bring this to the attention of Margaret Perry who runs the blog Little Lamb Books.  I'm always looking at her Ten Thousand Places for better blog ideas.



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