A Taste for the Beautiful

No one needs another cooking website, but good food is part of a culture conducive to good formation.  So I've long debated how to include food in this blog.  There is nothing like taking the summer and working your way through some tried-and-true cookbooks.  Of course, Grizzlebeard over at the other blog thinks a person ought first to learn the recipes of his forefathers, local community, and intellectual/artistic tradition.  Fine, fine, says the Sailor--and you can visit posts on that here and here.  Meanwhile, why not explore the world of cooking for yourself, says Sailor.  Here are my top six guides:
What do these recommendations have in common?
  • Fresh ingredients, real food
  • Natural flavoring and combinations that make for striking complexity
  • Exciting and sophisticated techniques and the directions to show you how to use them
All of which render cooking the art that it can be, and bestow upon eating the sacramental conviviality proper to it.  We are not Epicureans, but humans!



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