The Splendor of Geometry

Whenever I am looking for a good idea, I head over to Stratford Caldecott's blog: Beauty for Truth's Sake and steal something.  He has posted before about the amazing illustrated series Wooden Books which offers title like Hedgerow Cooking, Perspective and Illusion, Mazes and Labyrinths, Platonic Solids, Runic Inscriptions, Native British Trees, Simple Shelters . . . At first I was put off by some of the published titles (Native Spirits anyone?).  However, the wonderful site lets you browse page by page--such interesting titles, such magnificent illustrations, such presentation!  See for yourself.

Recently, he posted about Altair Design.  Like patterns, mosaics, coloring, geometry?  Introduce yourself and your kids to a site that lets you explore and design intriguing geometrical patterns with the elegant invitation:  "Welcome, to begin please choose a pattern . . ."



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