French Sodas and New York Egg Cream

New York Egg Cream is the drink that Harriet orders in Harriet the Spy, and it reminds me of "French Sodas."

An egg cream is a combination of whole milk, chocolate syrup, and seltzer water with a nice foamy head.

A French soda (I've never seen anywhere but White Rock Coffee in St. Paul) is an Italian soda with a splash of Half & Half: seltzer water, ice, a splash of cream, and a flavored syrup--not something fruity, but something that goes well with cream or coffee--something like amaretto, almond, coconut, caramel, vanilla, Irish cream . . . these are wonderful children's treats during the summer.

Another treat I'm looking for is cold press coffee, which I can't find outside of White Rock Coffee.  Take 3 lbs. coarsely ground coffee, put it in a container with hole plugged with a sponge at the bottom, and let distilled water run through it (just enough water to saturate the grounds to the top).  24 hours later, the distillation will be uncooked, pure, cold coffee, suitable to be poured over ice with some whole milk.  Wow.



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