Extreme Scrabble

A friend introduced me to speed scrabble on an extreme scale.  This game wonderfully combined brain power with sport:  players had to think as fast as they could to develop new words, and run as fast as they could to obtain new tiles.  It was fun to watch and to play.

To make the set:

My friend had a complete set of 4x4" tiles, made from leftover baseboard molding.  The letters had been drawn with a permanent marker, according to the guide in this picture left.  There were some extra j and z tiles (I think).  All the tiles were kept face down in a box.  No board was necessary as players can play on a bare table or the floor.  Something to mark a line for players to play behind is good.

Rules for Speed Scrabble:
  • Draw a line around and several feet out from the box of tiles so all players are equidistant from the box.
  • Each player draws seven tiles and looks at them.
  • Then start. 
  • The goal is to use all the tiles to make adjoining, interconnected words, like in a crossword.  There is no playing board.  Players are permitted to rearrange tiles, creating and destroying words as needed in an effort to get rid of their tiles.
  • As soon as a player has used up his tiles, he calls "Take 2!"  Everyone must rush in and take two more.
  • Game ends as soon as one player announces he has used up all his tiles and no tiles remain to be drawn. 
  • Players with unused tiles must subtract their value from the total score.
  • Total score counts points from every word formed down or across.  If a letter was used in two words it gets counted twice.  Winner is the player with the most points.


Gwen Adams said...

Thanks! I only wish I'd thought of it. I bet there are a lot of games you could make out of leftover building materials.


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