Grizzlebeard Principle of Education #2

Salvation History: present every historical event as part of an integrated whole, God’s providential plan for the redemption of mankind. History can not be “a mere chronicle or catalogue of facts nor a purely human science or body of knowledge, [but rather] the study of sacred history center[ed] upon Jesus Christ.”[1] Teach Ancient History as the preparation for the fullness of time, i.e. e. the birth of Christ. Integrate scripture, history, and literature as much and as creatively as possible. The more we compartmentalize disciplines and subjects, the easier it is to forget the significance of each in the wider scheme of things, and that there is a wider scheme of things.

Posts illuminating this principle can be found here (2008-2009) and here (2009-2010).

[1] Eugene Kevane, Augustine the Educator: A Study in the Fundamentals of Christian Formation (Westminster, MD: The Newman Press, 1964), 240.



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