Readings in Poetry--what is it? What's it worth?

Here are some articles I've been meaning to read on poetry--some I have worked through, some I haven't.  While I don't fully endorse everything in the ones I've read (such as D. H. Lawrence's “Introduction to Harry Crosby’s Chariot of the Sun”), they do give a lot of food for thought!  There is, of course, no substitute for reading poetry itself, but sometimes it's good to re-examine its worth.

“If poetry is not a part of your life, no method in the classroom will create ex nihilo the love of poetry in your students. Recall the famous dictum of St. Augustine . . . the same maxim applies to what we call “English”: Love literature and do what you will.”—John Senior, “Be Ye Therefore Perfect.”
  • Arnold, Matthew. “The Study of Poetry.”
  • Auden, W. H. “Postscript: Christianity and Art,” in Selected Essays, (1956).  Controversial!  I don't agree at all but he makes a hard case.
  • Burke, Kenneth. “The Poetic Process.”
  • Coleridge, Samuel Taylor. “On Poesy or Art.”
  • Crane, R. S. “Toward a More Adequate Criticism of Poetic Structure.”
  • Croce, Benedetto. “Poetry, the Work of Truth: Literature, the Work of Civilization.”
  • Eliot, T. S. “Poetry and Drama.”
  • Houseman, A. E. “The Name and Nature of Poetry.”
  • Hunt, Leigh. “On the Realities of Imagination.”
  • Lawrence, D. H. “Introduction to Harry Crosby’s Chariot of the Sun” & “Introduction to New Poems.”  Some parts I don't agree with but the umbrella image is outstanding.
  • Murray, Paul. “Poetry in a Time of Affliction.”  Poignant; rings true.
  • Poe, Edgar Allen. “The Poetic Principle.”
  • Quinn, Dennis. Iris Exiled.  A must-read.
  • Ransome, John Crowe. “Preface to The World’s Body.”
  • Senior, John. The Restoration of Christian Culture & The Death of Christian Culture, especially “Be Ye Therefore Perfect.”  Wonderful. 
  • Shelley, Percy. “A Defence of Poetry.”
  • Sidney, Philip. “In Defense of Poesy.”
  • Stevens, Wallace. “Three Academic Pieces.”
  • Swift, Jonathan. “Letter of Advice to a Young Poet.”
  • Tate, Allen. “Narcissus as Narcissus.”  3.23.10 This wasn't as good as "To Whom is the Poet Responsible?" and "What is a Traditional Society"? and "Tension in Poetry." 
  • Thomas, Dylan. “Notes on the Art of Poetry.”
  • Von Hildebrand, Dietrich. “Beauty in the Light of the Redemption,” in The New Tower of Babel.  Excellent.
  • Wilde, Oscar. “Preface to Dorian Gray.”
  • Winters, Yvor. “The Morality of Poetry.”
  • Yeats, W. B. “The Symbolism of Poetry.”



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