New Politics

What about this for a political platform?

"I hereby pledge myself to the service of God and of my people, to the righting of wrongs, to the driving-out of evil, to the bringing of peace and plenty to my land. . . . we will build castles and set guards along the coast so that never again may they invade us:  we will rebuild the churches which they have destroyed, and build new ones to the glory of God; and our knights shall ride about the country punishing all those who break the peace and do ill to any.  And if any man or woman, be he or she the greatest or the least of my subjects, be in trouble, or have any complaint against any man, let them come to me, and never shall their sorrow go uncomforted and their wrong unrighted. . . . Do not ever depart from the high virtues of this realm.  Do no outrage nor murder nor any cruel or wicked thing; fly from treason and all untruthfulness and dishonest dealing; give mercy unto those that seek it--or sit no more at this Table.  And always give all the help in your power to ladies and damsels, go out to succour gentlewomen and widows, turn from all else to right any wrong done to any woman in the world--and never, on pain of death and eternal disgrace, do any ill thing to a woman, or suffer it to be done.  Nor, for love or gain, fight in any quarrel that is not just and righteous."
--King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table, Roger Lancelyn Greene

It might be harder to be taken in by thin rhetoric if you had grown up with this standard.



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