If Women Stayed at Home I

1st in a series of passages defending stay-at-home mothers.  Be proud! 

" . . . someone would know where the children are and the old folks are; food would taste like meat and vegetables again because it would be cooked not just defrosted; life would be wholesome, good and full of love again because she would be home; pianos would shake old music from the scores, children, parents, and grandparents would sing together of an evening and tell stories by the fire.  Someone would even be home to love and care for the crippled, sick and dying.  Women must be liberated from their modern 'emancipation,' which is really a slavish compliance to a Calvinistic and masculine ideal, so they can return to their proper work--greater than medicine, engineering, business and politics--participating with God in the creation and nurture of human life."
--John Senior, The Restoration of Christian Culture, 78.

I love this!  Of course, I agree with Stephen Clark in Man and Woman in Christ that everyone would do well to be closer to home.  But this shouldn't be a nice wish, that we women fear to carry out until we see men doing it first!  Go build that hearth, create that beauty!



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