Free Reading Day & Reading Aloud with Accents

Today for the Feast of St. Joseph, I gave some students an unannounced and unmerited FREE READING DAY! Nothing but interesting books to read for the hour--no reflections, no tests, no deadlines . . . just them and a wealth of books.

On a different note, I found this wonderful website from BBC for accents in England, Scotland, and Northern Ireland.  The BBC interviewed and recorded hundreds of people.  Their discussions of slang and language are fascinating.

I have been reading aloud King Arthur stories to some students, and I was trying to get the hang of the Cornwall accent.  Gawaine, Gaheris, Gareth, and Agravaine (and others like Tristam, Morgana le Fay, etc.) are from Cornwall.  T. H. White wrote in the accent in his Once and Future King, but I couldn't distinguish it from something more Scottish.

My ignorance!  This is also an interesting website if you like etymology and words.



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