On the War We Wage Against Satan, the World, and the Flesh

Peace would make me happy: under the heavens though
We fight our life. He who commands the night
Wages cruel war; and vanities delight
In quickening our corruption with their show.

And there is more, O Lord, that you must know:
Our home, this body, greedy, fleeting, bright,
Heedlessly envious of the spirit’s might,
Continually covets endless woe.

Weak, careless and divided, what can I
Engaged in all this combat, gain alone?
O Universal King, O peace most high,
Your mercy is my hope, or I have none.

Let them come close, Lord, teach me what to do,
Then I shall fight them and, thus saved, win through.

--Mikołaj Sęp-szarzyņski (1550-1581)



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