"The Role of Reverence in Education"

I just read and am recommending this short essay by Dietrich von Hildebrand, included in The New Tower of Babel.  It is deals with reverence as the fundamental precondition both to virtue and to learning.  It is especially helpful in its directives about how we speak and act towards our students.  And for parents ready to teach their children about human sexuality, Hildebrand's thoughts on reverence give the perfect framework.  A must read. 

Incidentally, the back of Hildebrand's book promotes an obscure work called My Friends, The Senses by Charles Damian-Boulogne, O.P.  The jacket says it "nourishes" and "enheartens" the reader in such a way that no one could ever be a Manichean again.  The Sailor sat up!  The library has it.  More later.



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