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Reading over the FAQ in The Manhattan Declaration, I was reminded of the enormous hubbub that followed Pope Benedict's comment that condoms were NOT the solution to HIV in Africa. 

How people argued!  Here is a summary of the friends (Edward C. Green, director of Harvard AIDS Prevention Research Project and Giuseppe Caramazza) and foes (Christopher Brauchli and James Carrol), from The Atlantic WireHere is Green's interview where he concurred with Pope Benedict XVI.

Here is Humanae Vitae and here is Malcolm Muggeridge on Humanae Vitae (from A Fireside Chat with Malcolm Muggeridge).  After I read the very expensive out-of-print Dietrich Von Hildebrand's Encyclical Humanae Vitae: a Sign of Contradiction this Christmas, there might be more to post. 

I was just talking to some people the other day about the Fall of the Berlin Wall and what it felt like to watch it happening.  How good would it be to see this wall of contraception topple as well and let the fresh AIR IN!

Anyway, here's Muggeridge:
"That encyclical is an interesting indication of the way that the Catholic Church is supernaturally guided... the majority of a commission (to advise the pope) wanted him to go along with the way society was going and allow contraception, but a minority of the theologians who advised him said that one shouldn’t. And they pointed out that once the Church accepted that the sexual act could be legitimately separated from the transmission of life, there would be no logical objection to any form of perversion whatsoever. It was Humanae Vitae more than anything else which made me feel that I must belong to that Church that could have the extraordinary insight and courage to produce that as an encyclical, knowing that it would be absolutely torn to pieces, that it was almost a kind of blasphemy in the idiotic society we live in. This was one of the things that made me feel that I must be counted up with them" (49-50).



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