Waiting for Christ

Do you know what it is to have friends in a distant country, to expect news from them, and to wonder from day to day what they are doing, and whether they are well? or do you know, on the other hand, what it is to be in a strange country yourself, with no one to talk to, no one who can sympathize with you, homesick,—downcast because no letter comes to you,—and perplexed how you are ever to get back again? or do you know what it is so to love and live upon a person who is present with you, that your eyes follow his, that you read his soul, that you see its changes in his countenance, that you anticipate his wants, that you are sad in his sadness, troubled when he is vexed, restless when you cannot understand him, relieved, comforted, when you have cleared up the mystery?

Thus John Henry Newman writes in his fantastic sermon "Waiting for Christ" from Sermons Preached on Various OccasionsRead more here at Newmanreader.org, an entire site dedicated to the indexed, searchable works of John Henry Newman.  A Merry Christmas to you.  The beautiful photograph from here.



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