Clever Presents

Everybody wants to give gifts and do gift exchanges--which can be fine, but doesn't it seem that so often, we get commercial and disappointed and stressed about finding "good" presents?  And some of us are too broke to view gift-giving as anything but a burden.  But what if it wasn't?  Are there cheap, interesting, useful or fun things you can give?

Yes!  If a girl's group or class or a family wanted to do Secret Santas / Advent Angels / Kris Kringels (what have you), I'd recommend the following.  They would all have to agree to do these kinds of things, however, or we'd be back to the drawing board. 

Here are 60 Wonderful Inexpensive Gifts.
  1. A note of encouragement
  2. A quarter to light a candle for a special intention
  3. Beautiful pictures cut from magazines
  4. Stickers
  5. Shells, with guide
  6. Rocks, with guide
  7. Beautiful leaves
  8. Nuts
  9. Buckeyes
  10. Pen
  11. Pencil
  12. Eraser
  13. Markers
  14. Glue-stick
  15. High-lighter
  16. Spool of thread
  17. Sewing needle
  18. Barrette
  19. Hair-Tie
  20. A dried rose
  21. Pressed flowers
  22. Holy Card
  23. Book-mark
  24. Really good cookie recipe or other family recipes
  25. Piece of wrapped candy
  26. Maze you made yourself
  27. Connect-the-dots you made yourself
  28. Crossword puzzle
  29. Word-search
  30. A funny comic from the “funnies”
  31. A small bag of bird-seed
  32. On-sale cake mix
  33. Something nice from your parents’ garden (with your parent’s permission, of course
  34. Walking stick from a hike.
  35. A stamp for a letter.
  36. Sacred Heart Badge
  37. Holy Medal
  38. A good poem
  39. A good story
  40. Beads
  41. Sheet music to a beautiful song
  42. Can of pop
  43. Ribbon
  44. Rosary
  45. Silly putty
  46. A drawing you did
  47. An orange full of cloves
  48. Cinnamon stick
  49. A tea-light candle
  50. Yo-yo
  51. Marbles
  52. Rubber ball
  53. Tiny Squirt gun
  54. Good quote about holiness, friendship, beauty, etc. from something you read that they can write down in their spiritual diary.
  55. Interesting piece of fabric
  56. Tape measure
  57. Whistle
  58. Origami creatures
  59. A sling
  60. A Dover book



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