What's It All About?

29 October 1902
NINE years ago, as I was sitting in the "George" at Robertsbridge, drinking that port of theirs and staring at the fire, there arose in me a multitude of thoughts through which at last came floating a vision of the woods of home and of another place the lake where the Arun rises. And I said to myself, inside my own mind: "What are you doing ? You are upon some business that takes you far, not even for ambition or for adventure, but only to earn. And you will cross the sea and earn your money, and you will come back and spend more than you have earned. But all the while your life runs past you like a river, and the things that are of moment to men you do not heed at all."

So begins The Four Men: A Farrago by Hilaire Belloc--THE book for autumn.  Find a free download here or buy it online here.  Grieve with Margaret.  Go a-roving.



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