Set: Build Concentration and Attention with this Quiet Rainy Day Game

Deal out 12 cards 4 X 3. You are looking at images that differ in 4 ways:

1. Shape (oval, diamond, peanut-shape)
2. Shading (clear, half-shading, opaque)
3. Color (red, blue, purple)
4. Number of shapes (one, two, or three).

The object of the game is to see the most sets of three which meet the following requirements:

1. Either everything is the same
2. Everything is different

So for example, I've got three cards.

1. Shape--all ovals/diamonds/peanuts or all three shapes.
2. Shading--all clear/half/opaque or one of each kind of shading.
3. Color--all red/blue/purple or one of each color
4. Number of shapes--all ones/twos/threes or a one+two+three.

What does NOT work would be two cards share something, but not with the third. All share a characteristic or none of them share it. No pair of blues and a red. No pair of diamonds + an oval.

If you see a set of three which meets the above requirements, call "Set" and take the three. Play alone, or if you play with others, whoever has the most cards at the end wins.

** If all the players look at the 12 cards dealt and can't find anything, then you can lay out more cards in threes, until someone sees a set. As people call "Set" dealer should replace cards to keep twelve on the table. ***Make sure to shuffle well.

Make decks at home with 3x5 cards and markers. The grid above shows you what to do: you should have 81 cards. This game uses a very different part of your brain, and is excellent for training an eye to notice.



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