The other day, I was again convinced by experience of the need for tradition.  I tried to kill, pluck, and gut my own chicken according to the guidance of internet articles.  Here and here were the serviceable Internet articles--which worked after a fashion. The latter site has fascinating photographs about gardening, off-grid energy, making money with a life like that, animals, etc.  No offense to the websites--I am eating the chicken after all.

The chicken tastes delicious, but the experience was three hours of confusing horror.  I'd do it again, but I need a mentor.  I should have looked for the guidance of someone who knew what he was doing, someone standing behind me saying, "Now do this, no, not like that, like this!"


La Ferme de Sourrou said...

It get easier with practice !

Soon you'll be preparing your own chickens in no time at all.

Well done!


Gwen Adams said...

Thanks! After the long process, I realize what a gift food is. Getting this chicken-and-noodles ready involved more people than any recipe I've ever made--that's a plus, I think. The more real reasons we need each other, the stronger the human community. Thanks again for your article!

Gwen Adams said...

Also . . . two blog questions: how did you know I'd referenced your blog? I have no idea if people are linking to mine, and it would be good to track that. Also, is Flikr the only way to get those lovely patchwork quilt photo montages you have in your sidebar? I do Google photos, but your sidebar is very eye-catching.

JPB said...

I am simply attesting to the tastiness of the soup. Like no soup I've had before.


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