Fifty Things to do for Girl Formation

When I ran a club for Girls 8-12, these are some of the things we used to do on a rotating schedule around the year. Many of the things on the List for Bored Boys also work.  Many of these things are suitable for all ages.
  1. Pray
  2. Teach how to keep the Spiritual Diary
  3. Learn skills:  CPR and First Aid
  4. Or self-defense
  5. Or changing tires
  6. Or how to clean certain things.  A Fish.  A Chicken.  A Rabbit.  Dishes.  Fabrics.  Wood floors.
  7. Try archery.
  8. Raise an animal.
  9. Learn the names and uses of tools and build a wooden box.
  10. Good games--regular sports as well as set, chess, checkers, and croquet.
  11. Make and fly kites.
  12. Challenge each other with riddles (original and traditional), lateral thinking puzzles, Krypto, etc.
  13. Bring someone to do a kestlry exhibition.
  14. Help girls plan, cook, decorate and host a feast.
  15. Run around in the rain. I’m serious. This is very important.
  16. Teach them how to build fires.
  17. Wilderness challenge. Copied from a youth organization in France, this trains youth to spend two days living off the land, during which time they must survive, ponder, and write on a particular passage of Scripture. To take this on and succeed was the crowning achievement of senior year.
  18. Paint, draw, or sketch.  Explore different mediums.  Try origami.
  19. Learn poems.
  20. The Giant Story—an ongoing story to which each girl adds a portion, knowing what comes before but not after. This can be done orally in an evening, and in written form over a week or longer (although it is hard to keep secret where the story is going). My family did this in imitation of a book written by the “Crime Club” in England for a fundraiser in the 1930s.
  21. The Lava Pit. Get a gaggle of girls with some chairs on one side of a room. The floor is a widening pit of lava, which the girls have to work together to cross using the chairs. Playing exciting music is the key. I used this for drama workshops once upon a time.
  22. Do a play or skits.
  23. Capture the Queen.  Like Capture-the-Flag, only it’s a person stuck on the other side. The goal of each queen and team is to reunite, trying to avoid being caught by the opposition and to find and get the Queen back to her own side. Played in the dark with all dark clothing and music, this game was THE FAVORITE of my youth group.
  24. Try mending, darning, knitting, spinning, sewing, embroidery, crocheting, etc. 
  25. Teach them how to read Scripture slowly and with their imaginations, trying to put themselves in the scene and see what Christ is trying to say to them.
  26. Explore how to bake bread.
  27. Bake and decorate cookies.
  28. Grow a garden and keep up with the yearly cycle of chores for the garden.
  29. Raise herbs and study their differences and uses.  Dry them and make sachets.
  30. Read aloud together.
  31. Press flowers and learn to recognize different wildflowers.
  32. Canoe.
  33. Swim.
  34. Hike.
  35. Sail.
  36. Oral Tradition Challenge.  Gather a group of girls and give one of them a story or part of a story.  She gets 24 hours to read and learn it.  Then she must tell the story to the next girl who has the same task.  Each day the story passes to the next girl.  It is very enjoyable to see how the story morphs and to try to keep it pure.  Then when each girl has participated, the last tells the version as she received it, and then you read the original.
  37. Make homemade icecream.
  38. Make homemade candy or a pie.
  39. Make a snowman or have a snowball fight.
  40. Go ice-skating.
  41. Learn a group dance like a reel or contra-dance.
  42. Visit an orchard and pick apples.
  43. Carve pumpkins.
  44. Go Christmas caroling.
  45. Make care packages for people.
  46. Practice flower-arrangements.
  47. Make wreaths--with spring or summer or fall or winter materials--dogwood or forsythia or new ivy or Queen Anne's lace or bittersweet or holly or cedar . . .
  48. Make soup.
  49. Try calligraphy and make beautiful cards for people.  Pray for someone or offer something up and make a "spiritual bouquet"--a beautiful card which says something like "A rosary or a Mass or an hour before the Blessed Sacrament, etc.) was offered for your intentions."
  50. Learn and sing songs.



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