Fifty Things for Bored Boys to Do

Stay tuned for next week and a long list of things to do with girls.
  1. Pray.
  2. Hike.
  3. Read.
  4. Memorize and give great speeches.
  5. Learn good songs.
  6. Memorize the songs and make up harmonies to them.
  7. Learn to pick guitar with just your thumb.
  8. Learn to pick rhythm in a variety of styles.
  9. Learn to juggle. Juggle.
  10. Learn to fence. Do you have fencing foils?
  11. Learn to box. Box. Do you have boxing gloves?
  12. Learn to play poker. Play Poker.
  13. Draw something in black and white.  Draw a silhouette.  Draw negative space--like a negative film strip--space is dark, solid is white.
  14. Shoot craps. You need dice for this.
  15. Play checkers.
  16. Play chess. Do you have a chess-set?
  17. Play some sport. Or croquet!
  18. Learn to tie knots.
  19. Shine your shoes.
  20. Learn to do a back-flip. Can anyone there do that and teach you?
  21. Write someone a letter.
  22. Play “Assasins.” Get a group of boys together, and an adult to moderate. The moderator picks a period of time, like one week or ten days and then writes the names of the boys, puts them in a hat, and each boy draws a name [kind of like Kris Kringle, only deadly]. The name drawn is the boy you have to “assassinate” which can be done in a number of ways: Poison: put salt in the victim’s drink; Avalanche: load of balloons or other light-weight objects, to fall on the head of victim. Be creative; Time-bomb: Hidden alarm clock goes off in vicinity of victim; Gun: Squirt gun.  There can be other ways to “dispatch” a victim, but all must be approved by the moderator. Once you kill your victim, who must admit it immediately, you take over the responsibility of killing the victim of your victim. Your original victim will tell you who they had. The circle of assassins narrows until it is left to 2 people. The point of this game is to stay alive, not to inflict pain. Terror, yes.
  23. Get a book of constellations and learn to identify the constellations of the sky, beginning with Orion and the Big Dipper and Casseopia.
  24. Get a books about trees and learn to identify trees by the shape of their leaves, bark, etc.
  25. Get a book about animal tracks.
  26. Get a book about birds and learn to identify them.
  27. Go hiking again with new knowledge and test yourself.
  28. Get a book about weather; learn what kinds of weather lead to others and signs that can help you know what kind of weather will be next. See if you are right.
  29. Next time you go to town turn the dirty magazines backwards or put copies of “Martha Stewart Living” in front of “Cosmopolitan.”
  30. Then go outside and shout “VIVA CRISTO REY!”
  31. Is there any yard work to be done? Men do yard work. Find out if you can mow grass, rake leaves, shovel snow, or sheep dung, as the case may be.
  32. Learn to use tools and build things.
  33. Jog and then learn to race. See how fast you can run. Get your time down.
  34. Lift weights.
  35. Invent codes and write in them.
  36. Clean something with a vengeance! Make it shine!
  37. Write riddles. Stump someone.
  38. Ask if someone will teach you how to build a fire. A tricky and useful skill.
  39. Memorize poetry. Understand why you should memorize poetry.
  40. Make up poetry.
  41. Go hiking again and not too far from the building, try to get yourself lost. Then work on your sense of direction, using the sun, your memory, etc. Keep making the distance greater and greater until you could find your way back from anywhere.
  42. Learn to shoot.
  43. Learn to field-dress animals and clean fish and fowl.
  44. Then cook those things somehow. Learn to make soup and grill things.
  45. Learn to swim.
  46. Carry something heavy for someone. Is there someone around carrying something heavy? Carry it for them.
  47. Take the physical challenge: find the smelliest task you can—diapers or cleaning the bathroom or mucking out a pig-pen. Do it. Handle the smell. Walk away.
  48. Practice parkour. What is it? Find out here or, in a short time, here.
  49. Tell someone a story complete with sound effects and voices. How’s your explosion sound-effect? And your drop of water in a desolate space?
  50. Make a sling and use it.



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