Triduum & Easter Traditions

Incarnate Easter in the world; sign the world with a signature that says Christ is Risen. A few traditions thus far . . .
Holy Thursday: celebrating the gift of the Eucharist and the Priesthood with the Mass Holy Thursday, setting a very beautiful table, lamb, matzoh, red wine, baklava, reading Francois Mauriac's Holy Thursday, vigil till midnight with the Blessed Sacrament, these hymns (Greet We This Mystery Yearly Returning, Father We Thank Thee, Ubi Caritas, If Ye Love Me, By My Side, By the Waters of Babylon). Noting the French legend that the bells disappear this night and go to Rome not to return till Sunday with sweets. They might take your children. Do you know where your children are?

Good Friday: Service of Good Friday, living Way of the Cross, Stations of the Cross, cleaning the church, silence between noon and three, fasting, no media or music, cooking for Easter, ironing Easter clothes, vigil before the Blessed Sacrament for all who may yet make confession tonight.

Holy Saturday: egg dying and competition, more cooking, flower-arranging & making boutineers and corsages from violets, annual washing of the car, arranging of easter baskets, decorating church and tying lavender to the front doors, kindling of the Easter fire, Easter vigil, taking the purple veils off the statues when the bells ring out the Gloria, feast and sing till dawn.

Easter Sunday: egg hunt and baskets in the morning, coffee and cream cheese stollen or babka, first time this year to wear pastels and sandals, walk to grand morning MASS with easter lilies and trumpets and incense, great feast afterwards with ham, mushroom bread pudding, Easter Spice ring, hard-boiled eggs, champagne. First time for gin and tonic this season, friends visit all day, afternoon nap, ham sandwiches in the evening.

Easter Monday and the following days: special trip somewhere, sandals, Italian columba cake with almonds and a cappucino, more friends visit.

Divine Mercy Sunday, 1st Sunday after Easter: kite festival in Florence. We should do that. Pray Divine Mercy Chaplet, go to confession.

Following Forty Days of Easter: feast like its your job. Make and eat coconut cake, lime torte, pralines. Go outside.

Come May, set up May Altar shrine to Our Lady. Load with lilies-of-the-valley and lilacs. Hold 1st of May procession to her, preferably in the country at night. Light the way with Ball Canning Jars filled with tea-lights. Let the brass band inspire you. Ring the bells.

When some child makes First Communion, read this poem by Caryll Houselander, and eat coffee, rolls, and bananas. Set roses on the table.

Ascension Thursday & Pentecost: Mass and this hymn "Come Down, O Love Divine."

Trinity Sunday: Mass and as many Trinitarian hymns as you can fit in.

Corpus Cristi--last feast before Easter Season is over for another year--hold Forty Hours Devotions with Adoration before the Blessed Sacrament and talks. Sew banners and pennants. Cut lavender, thyme, and rosemary and set on the steps of the Church. Gather candles and bells and rose petals. Hold a Eucharistic Procession in the streets, scatter the rose petals before the Lord, sing Pange Lingua, follow up with dancing and fireworks under the starlit sky.




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