Thomas Schaefer, "Up from Alienation : the Wilhelmsenian Vision of the Human Person."

In Saints, Sovereigns, and Scholars: Studies in Honor of Frederick D. Wilhelmsen. Edited by R. A. Herrera, James Lehrberger, and M. E. Bradford. New York: Peter Lang, 1993.

Schaefer illuminates what Wilhelmsen’s ontological background contributes to the understanding of identity: just as the self can not know itself except in the act of knowing another, the self cannot be itself except in the act of giving its being to another: “only in charity, the inclination of the soul towards others, does one climb up from the wasteland of the isolated self. This is the message of the Gospels, and it is the Wilhelmsenian vision of the human person” (392). Like Clark, Schaefer and Wilhelmsen value the family as the first and primary context for the charity that constitutes identity.



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