Defend Communities of Place, Blood, Work, Thought

Here is an approaching problem. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) may rescind an important December 2008 federal regulation which implements and enforces three federal laws protecting the conscience rights of health care providers, especially those at risk of being discriminated against because of their moral or religious objection to abortion. For background, see: The rescission proposal was published in the Federal Register on March 10. See: HHS is inviting public comment on this proposal until April 9. Learn more here.

Below is my letter sent yesterday. What kind of culture do we have when we not only permit but push women to kill their children? When we say that a serious moral aversion to this "violates" some so-called right to "health care"? When we force doctors to choose between their conscience and their job, so that the only ones who can remain in the profession would be the unscrupulous? "It is amazing what people will put up with," says Andy Catlett speaking of racism in a novel by Wendell Berry. We will continue to put up with the destruction of every kind of human bond and community we know?

Write a letter. The address is below. Seems pathetic. Pray, too. And honor the bonds of place, blood, work, and thought.
Office of Public Health and Science
Department of Health and Human Services
Attention: Rescission Proposal Comments
Hubert H. Humphrey Building
200 Independence Avenue, S.W., Room 716E
Washington, DC 20201

Re: Rescission Proposal Comments

30 March 2009

Dear Sir or Madam,
Thank you for inviting comments on this issue. I wanted to encourage you to retain the Conscience Regulation, and enforce current laws protecting the right of health care providers to serve patients in a way that accords with their moral and religious convictions. As I see it, no one will be served by requiring health care providers to perform medical procedures that violate their conscience. If health care providers acquiesce unwillingly in order to retain their jobs, then our health care system will rest upon uncommitted, perhaps corrupt health care providers. Women will be served by those who operate from a logic of fear rather than sound medical practice. Please preserve the integrity of the profession by preserving the Conscience Regulation.

Thank you again for inviting comments.

Gwen Adams



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