Wendell Berry

Here is an unofficial website on Wendell Berry with a helpful bibliography. (Berry would never create his own website!) I have been reading his novels on the Port William membership, one after another--and they are rich in characters and place, eloquent of the good of community--with its crosses and joys. Learn more here. You just have to try it. I would not have expected to read an author still living and like him so much. Thomas Stanford of Christendom College gave a wonderful lecture on Berry entitled "Membership and its Privileges: Family and Community in the Novels of Wendell Berry" at the recent Center for Ethics and Culture Conference hosted annually by Notre Dame.

Here is a quotation from Berry's Hannah Coulter.

Most people now are looking for ‘a better place,’ which means that a lot of them will end up in a worse one. I think this is what Nathan learned from his time in the army and the war. He saw a lot of places, and he came home. I think he gave up the idea that there is a better place somewhere else. There is no ‘better place’ than this, not in this world. And it is by the place we’ve got, and our love for it and our keeping of it, that this world is joined to heaven.”
--Hannah Coulter, W. Berry, 83.



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