The Four Temperaments

Just a theory, of course, this idea of Hippocrates that Galen developed and "the medievals" (if we can refer to them so sweepingly) adopted. Nevertheless, I have always found the theory helpful as a tool for helping different people understand one another. There is something about a personality test that absoluteles mesmerizes people, especially young ones. And then, once they are hooked, it is natural to discuss the strengths and weakness of other kinds of people & why we need those people in our lives, the faults we need to work on, the good tendencies we need to thank God for. I like it because it can help you see why someone's behavior is not conscientiously annoying--that's just his personality. And something I was rather smug about is not my virtue--it's just my personality. And finally, given that so-and-so has this personality, what is the best way to relate to them?

Here is Fr. Conrad Hock's explanations of the temperaments, a test, and helpful spiritual advice for cholerics, sanguines, melancholics, and phlegmatics.

But a better test can be found herewith description at Sophia Press which publishes The Temperament God Gave You by Art and Lorraine Bennett. Buy the book here. This excellent book also contains advice for relating to spouse and children based on the understanding of the four temperaments.



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