Try this: composing and guessing riddles. An old pastime like story-telling, it demands humor & imagination. "Riddles in the Dark" is one of the most gripping chapters in J. R. R. Tolkien's The Hobbit. As a pastime among friends, it lends itself to creative conversations that extend into the rest of the day. I've been carrying around a riddle some friends gave me like a secret package.

Here is one I just wrote:
I never listen but always babble,
Never mean anything, never say thanks.
While fickle and restless, I've done very well:
Know current events and own two banks.
However, endeavor to answer me this:
I never withdraw and never have money,
Never save anything though often deposit.
And never converse though my mouth's often open
And only the winter has power to close it.
What am I?

However, endeavor is the best part. Good words, clever puns, tricky clues. Sailor approved.



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