Yearly Examination, according to Bonaventure: Part I (cont)

Part I: Examination in Self-Knowledge (continued)

1. Of pleasure? Do I crave something in particular? Does its absence—coffee or tea, destroy my day? Am I addicted to routine, change, certain conversations? All these good things, have I accorded them such a place in my life that without them I can not focus, love God or my neighbor thoughtfully and well. What could I try to curb?

2. Of curiosity? Here curiosity is that vice which seeks to know what should remain unknown, to see seductive beauty, to possess uncommon objects. Go through your day. How often do I want to overhear or eavesdrop? How often do I waste time checking up petty trivia on the Internet? Do I let my gaze linger on trashy magazines at the grocery store?
3. Of vanity? Do I resent people who do not give me respect or honor? Do I resent it when I hear my superiors praise other people? Do I spend too much time before the mirror? Can I function, serve, think—if I am wearing an outfit that makes me feel less than gorgeous? Do I notice myself in street windows and doors?
What could I do to curb these things? Invoking the Sacred Heart, washing dishes as penance, and changing my home page to something without trashy trivia were some ideas.



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