Sharing Music

"I gave without taking" (Wisdom 7:13)

If you know good songs and are not interested in making any money by recording and sharing them, then I have a mission for you. offers an "Open Mic" section. By registering and creating an Artist Account, you can post your own songs online for free. You can make them downloadable and offer words and explanations. I was trying to spread some of the folk music around and looking for a place to host the mp3 files, and then I found this. They want the music! Of course, you cannot post other people's music, but if you recorded a song, then go for it. Send links to all your friends.

We are working on posting a wonderful Italian song I learned last summer (untranscribed until now). Once it is recorded it will be up on with a link posted here. And here's the link to and the Open Mic section.



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