Read This

External & Internal Sensory, Emotional Formation:

  • Brown, Tom Jr. Tracker and other books for how to notice.
  • Comstock, Anna Botsford. Handbook of Nature Study.
  • Edwards, Betty. Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain.
  • Elkind, David. The Power of Play: How Spontaneous, Imaginative Activities Lead to Happier, Healthier Children. A book which articulates what Graham captures in Dreamdays and The Golden Age.
  • George, Jean Craighead. My Side of the Mountain.
  • Golden Book Field-guides & Audubon Nature Identification Books—for insects, mushrooms, weeds, birds, plants, etc.
  • Graham, Kenneth. The Golden Age, Dreamdays. Note the section on what is most fun to play with—the elements of air, fire, earth, and water.
  • Hollander, John, ed. Committed to Memory: 100 Best Poems to Memorize.
  • Lynch, William. Christ and Apollo. For how to approach art and literature.
  • O’Connor, Flannery. Mystery and Manners. For how to approach literature.
  • Ransome, Arthur. Swallows and Amazon books.
  • Vendler, Helen. Poems, Poets, Poetry, for getting an overview of poetry and how to explore it. The kind of questions she poses can be easily translated to every area of literature.



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